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The global economy is moving into recession and the global financial market is in great turmoil. Asia is not insulated from these economic woes. This could mean potential challenges and problems to companies.

Currently, there seems to be a systemic collapse in the financial system. Inflation is very high and people have to work harder than before to make ends meet. Businesses have to find ways to stay afloat amidst the economic crunch and slowdown. Already, many companies are desperately finding innovative ways to increase revenue because of the decrease in spending amongst people.

Stay away from such a desperate situation and save your company from the trouble of having to deal with a depression RIGHT NOW! The solution may be just a click away in any of the books and sites below.

If you are a corporation that’s trying to handle rapid change during a dynamic, competitive business environment then this is the most important message you are ever going to read. Or, you may be a lucky one reading this as your company is not in the critical life-and-death situation but merely seeking market expansion.

Many companies in the West face intense competition and shrinking domestic market and surmise that a way to turn around their fortunes is to venture into high growth regions in Asia. It is a myth that it is a safe route to success by doing business in Asia.

Though the business opportunities are great, there are many pitfalls and differences in business practices that these companies ought to be mindful about in venturing into high-growth Asia. What are these pitfalls and differences in business practices in Asia? If any of these questions resonate with those in your mind, then be assured my strategies will help you.

We now have solutions to meet your business challenges. You can overcome adverse changes to your business with ease. You no longer need to lose sleep over having to meet the ever increasing sales targets your bosses and shareholders are setting. You no longer need to fret over how to expand your business and increase sales. You won’t even have to struggle with coercing people to change their mindsets.

Methodology with Youtube videos

My methodology uses unique, effective medical analogies to diagnose and treat corporate financial illness. I have a three point plan that is sure to solve any disease your corporation may catch.

Surgery: to restructure the organization to face the new harsh realities. Emphasis on financial management

Resuscitation: to revitalize the sales and profits. Emphasis on marketing management

Therapy: to rehabilitate a corporate culture which is flexible, fast and innovative. Emphasis on human resources management




Office mania general

 The key to survive in the office environment

Is not to thrash about with a blunt instrument

But to keep a calm head, and deal with all things

Just remember, some will be good, or bad, or make you sing 

The world is full of different people, but all have a goal

The world is full of different people, with a soul

It is up to you to choose the right path

It is up to you to avoid, being left on a raft 

With books, and the guides, the words are all around you

There are friends, there are foes, but what’s inside you

Will guide you when things are looking a bit bleak

And with faith, and firmness, your targets you will meet. 

The office seems like a minefield, you have to watch every step

But there is plenty to help you, guide where you tread

The rules are a plenty, they are there to prevent

You being overlooked, or blocking that promotion event 

All that matters, is your desire to achieve

All that matters, is your faith and belief

As you can face any challenge, with these qualities

With your head focused, on what everyone needs 

So take heart my friend, as everything is in your hand

Your career is going, to light up the land

With every decision, every emotion you will feel

And you’re be more alive, and your soul fulfilled 

So don’t loose the vision or the dream

Don’t loose your head, when you want to scream

The corporate world is demanding, that we all know

But you are better than mania, on your marks, get set, go. 


Surviving office politics

Whether you are in demand, or on the bottom rung

Whether you are in command, or having no fun

You have to understand, that there are certain tricks

To surviving the world, of office politics 

It is not very easy, when everything seems so wrong

It gets harder and harder, to do dance to the song

When you know you are better, than the guy above

He only has the job, because his hand fits the CEO’s glove 

It can be hard to stay focused, when you are being put down

It can be hard to work hard, when your face is on the ground

But there are lessons to learn, that will help you survive

In the mad world of politics, play the game right and it will keep you alive 

Don’t be too hasty, to muscle in on the action

Don’t be too pushy, or you may just be a faction

And easily lost, or pushed out the door

You’ll end up on your ass, sitting alone on the floor 


Corporate Wellness

Does it feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders

Do the pressures make you feel a hundred years older

Is your corporation, not performing as it should

Do you think the shareholders feel, that you’re not any good 

Don’t despair, resign, or get depressed

Just listen to our experts, because they are the best

If you think about it, think really hard

A person and a company, live under the same star 

They have a soul, a pulse, and a need for good health

They both have a goal, and a need, to generate wealth

It could be, you know, that a little surgery

That will help your company perform, as it should be. 

Even if you’re in the depths of despair,

And prospects of liquidation are everywhere

We can resuscitate and use therapy

To ensure corporate wellness, which is as it should be.


Corporate Turnaround

If these troubled times – Find you in a bind. 
Stuck at a mountain - Too steep to climb. 
When you're going down – Reach out for our hand, 
We can salvage the pieces – We can make a plan. 
One step at a time – Always gaining ground, 
We can make it happen – Corporate Turnaround.  

Don’t sit and worry – And don’t just sit and stare,

The sooner we get started – The quicker we'll get there.

We can take the problem – Turn it into gold,

We can help you make it – Before you lose control.  

One step at a time – Always gaining ground, 
We can make it happen – Corporate Turnaround.    

You don't have to be down - Or on the way to distress,

When you're doing fine – That's the time to address.

Before it gets too late – Before it starts to slide,

Let us show you how – To keep on top of the ride.  

One step at a time – Always gaining ground, 
We can make it happen – Corporate Turnaround 


Public listing

In this age of corporate image and responsibility

It is important to promote values and transparency

If people can see what is happening and all is right

Then everyone feels good and sleeps well at night 

Good management and a good strategy

Leads to a good system and a good policy

Of keeping books straight and compliancy

And all is better for the corporate company 


If you list your company publicly

Build in compliance and transparency

Will make things better for the company

Will build trust and good strategy 

Staff will feel better if they all know

That company procedures all show

That the company is under good governance

And see the company is run with providence 

Companies that do not try to comply

Will find it hard to explain and deny

That they have been irresponsible

And actions have not been reprehensible 


If you list your company publicly

Build in compliance and transparency

Will make things better for the company

Will build trust and good strategy 

People prefer dealing with a listed brand

As it carries a better reputation and a trusted hand

The trick is to offer the company to everyone

Where they can buy a piece when all said and done 

Never forget the company belongs to them

Bad governance is an easy message to send

So make sure that all the policies are in order

Or your company may perish, through disorder 


If you list your company publicly

Build in compliance and transparency

Will make things better for the company

Will build trust and good strategy


Internet marketing 

In this crazy mixed up world, we find it hard to get our message out

No one hears our cries, our pleas, no matter how loud we shout.

But there is a solution, and it’s simple and clear

Listen to my words, for they’re logical, crisp, and for your ear 

Internet marketing will stand you out from the crowd

Will bring people your way, so you can say to them proud

Our products and services are here for you now

If you look over here, you’ll see something somehow, 

Armed with link baiting, Google, and podcasts

The customers will be climbing the highest masts

Just to see your name, your brand, your niche market thing

And profits, well they’re just keep flying in, 

And these are just some of the tricks of the trade

SEO, blogging, and list management, are all tailor made

To bring you internet sales, respect, and traffic

Not to use internet marketing, for your company, that would be tragic. 



With more than 28 years of corporate experience in the Asia Pacific region, I have accomplished much during my time. Working as a CEO for multinational, local, publicly listed companies, and the CEO for a US MNC based in Singapore has provided me with the experience necessary to be a successful turnaround CEO. Over the course of my career, many prestigious professional organizations have recognized my qualifications with membership status.

My unique approach is founded on using medical analogies to solve corporate problems. This approach is intuitive and adaptable to any financial situation. Corporations are like people. They can catch diseases from a variety of sources. Globalization, terrorism, recession, changing technology, and more can infect your company.

Unless you have the needed management tools to combat your corporation’s illness. Like consulting a medical doctor when ill, you should consult a turnaround CEO when your company is ill. My vast real world experience and strong academic background provide the critical care you need change your weak patient into a powerful, healthy corporation that’s ready for today’s challenges.

The media refer to me as the “Turnaround Expert and CEO of Asia” due to my expertise. I have managed to nurse several weak businesses into the black within a year. One company was running USD -623,483 before I intervened. After 11 months of my unique methodology, the company made over USD 452,349 in profit with the sales revenue increasing by 52%. That is a turnaround of over a million dollars, wouldn’t you like these results?

In a longer consultation, the company’s profits grew by 15-17% annually for 10 years while I was diagnosing and treating problems. This company provided the evidence to show my strategies work for long term business growth. My strategies are successful for any company in any kind of financial crisis, even healthy companies looking to increase profits even more!

I am honored to be the first Asian speaker featured on Success University, the most visited personal development site from the US. The national media has interviewed me on many occasions concerning corporate turnaround and transformation. named me as one of the top five authors of 2006. The Asian media including Channel NewsAsia in Singapore Business Tonight and Strategic Mind, News Radio FM 93.8, Boss Magazine, Economic Bulletin, the Today, World Executive Digest, Loanhe ZaoPao, StarBiz, the Straits Times, Silverkris, Smart Investor, and STAR recognize me as a successful turnaround CEO with numerous positive book reviews.


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